"My wife and I want to tell you both how much we liked your trip to Romania, it was for me much more interesting and educational than most previous trips to Western Europe. Seems that the interesting and rewarding things never ended. They included the splendidly painted Romanian Orthodox churches with their many biblical scenes; the contrasts between the elegant French architecture of the main city buildings and their picturesque squares and the peasant culture of the farm villages with horse drawn carts and hand hoed fields; the gypsy culture with their exotic costumes and, in several cases, very exotic architecture. Our driver and guide, was most considerate, helpful and informative, one of our best ever. The hotels were all up to standard for a group travel and ATMs were everywhere in the cities each day (4 to 5 within a block from each hotel). We think your information about money and hotels is misleading. We needed no dollars."
From Mir Corp.com (USA) clients

"We are both sad about leaving Romania tomorrow. This is a wonderful country! But all good things must come to an end----including our seven-week odyssey through Eastern Europe. One week from tomorrow, we shall be on our way back to California."
From Mir Corp.com (USA) client

"We're going to miss Romania. We have had an exceptionally wonderful time here."
From Mir Corp.com (USA) client

Well-organized tour, outstanding local guides in both countries who worked well with MIR's tour leader. I liked meeting Bulgarians and Romanians in their homes and seeing their crafts. It added much flavour to all the monasteries and churches on the schedule."
From Mir Corp.com (USA) client

Tour was very well organized. Romania was a beautiful country as well as being historically interesting and a source of great information.”
- A. Sheff, St. Augustine, FL