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The Carpathian Mountains form a majestic sweeping arc that rise in Slovakia and pass east along the Polish border before turning south into Ukraine and finally Romania. They are a relatively young chain, an eastern extension of the Alps which rose around 60 million years ago and are still growing to this day.

The Carpathians are at their widest and most majestic in Transylvania, however, the forest-clad central Romanian province steeped in legend and folklore. Whilst this region is famed for the supernatural, for the naturalist such legends are but an interesting distraction from the wealth of wildlife to be found here. Fortunately, werewolves are difficult to locate these days, but Wolves and Lynx still roam the forests in good numbers.

For centuries the people living within the elbow of the Romanian Carpathians have existed in harmony with a rich variety of birds and animals. The continuation of these ancient, low intensity, agricultural techniques has allowed the wildlife to flourish. Add to this abundance of wildlife, the soaring peaks of the Carpathians and one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe and you have all the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday!

NB. Please note that the itinerary below offers our planned programme of excursions. However, adverse weather & other local considerations can necessitate some re-ordering of the programme during the course of the tour, though this will always be done to maximise best use of the time and weather conditions available.

Day 1


You depart from Spain to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Here you will be met by a local guide and transfer to a … hotel in Bucharest.

Day 2

In the morning, after breakfast, you will be picked up by our English speaking guide and drive for around 3 hours out of the flat plains that surround the capital and into the cool forest-clad mountains of the Carpathians. We will base ourselves for 3 nights in a 3* guesthouse in Cheile Rasnoavei, a small Transylvanian valley backed by the mountains of Bucegi and Piatra Craiului National Park and where some of the locals still use horse drawn carts for transport.

Days 2 - 5

Wildlife excursions from Cheile Rasnoavei, overnight Cheile Rasnoavei

We have the next 4 days to explore the mountains, gorges and valleys of Transylvania. Our exact itinerary will depend on the weather conditions and advice of our local guide, but we will be focusing our efforts on the spectacular Bucegi and Piatra Craiului National Parks (Rock-of-the-King). Wolf and Lynx still roam the forests in good numbers, giving you a reasonable chance to spot and even observe them. There are many spectacular and wildlife rich areas to explore.
Day 5 return in the evening to Bucharest

Moderatly strenuous to difficult. This tour demands an average to good level of fitness.
FOOD AND ACCOMMODATION: From day 2 to 5, you'll be provided with a sturdy breakfast and early dinner, picnic lunch. Double bedded room in 3* guesthouse.