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Transylvania is a region that has everything: this is by far the most romantic and inspiring of the provinces of RomaniaTransylvania is a region that has everything: this is by far the most romantic and inspiring of the provinces of Romania.
 The word alone conjures up images of Dracula, fortified citadels and haunted castles, mountains of savage beauty populated by bears and wolves, werewolves and vampires, a land of "magical obscurity"! Its historic, medieval towns blend the Art and Culture of three civilizations and are real bastions of ethnical diversity. It is not by chance if the town of Sibiu was in 2007, the European Capital of Culture.
The inhabitants of Transylvania are well known for their hospitality, and are proud of their folklore, customs and traditions.
 It is a region so used with legends, and with one of the most romantic, going through ages, the legend of Dracula! Also, there, we discover the authentic gypsies, these musicians born with a violin in their hands!

 The following is just an example of 3 nights 4 days program in Bucharest and Transylvania with a mix of activities and special evenings. This type of program of excellent value  being usually chosen by our clients.

Other options possible with more time in Bucharest, with possibility of a Medieval, Dracula show in the Castle of Bran , so-called Dracula castle. In this case, reservations need to be made long time ahead.

Day 1  Arriving BUCHAREST. Meet& Greet  at the airport. Check-in  hotel 5* (we recommend Hilton, very centrally located) Welcome cocktail.  On the way to restaurant, sightseeing tour of the city. Dinner in Locanta Jaristea , restaurant-cabaret with a “Little Paris of the ‘20s “atmosphere, with music and dance.

Other choice : Gala dinner in the film studios of Buftea, 20kms of Bucharest  within film decors. American and European movies being very often filmed here. Visit of the studios.

Option , according to clientele:  Disco night : Bucharest, like Belgrad in Serbia is one of the hottest discos of this part of Europe.

Day 2

 Morning domestic flight to Transylvania region:  3 airports at an average distance of 150kms of each other : SIBIU, CLUJ-NAPOCA, TIRGU-MURES.

Bus transfer to SIGHISOARA , medieval citadel where was born Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration of the writer Bram Stoker for the novel Dracula

Sighisoara is at 60kms from Tirgu-mures airport, 90kms from Sibiu airport , 150kms from Cluj-Napoca

If landing in Tirgu-mures airport, we welcome the group getting off the plane with actors in a medieval style.

Check in hotel 5* welcome cocktail

According to : season, age of participants, quota men/women, choice… Option Outdoor or Spa

OUTDOOR:  4WD , orientation course, bear tracking, picking truffles, hiking…

SPA : Romania has around 20% of thermal springs of Europe! Most of them are in Transylvanian Plateau

Lunch, snacks, drinks are served according to activities, setting up in nature or near swimming pool.

End of afternoon, evening…night : our interactive medieval/Dracula show, followed by a “Vampire’s Ball” with professional actors and dancers. The program , scenario depends of the group age, quota men/women. Gala dinner and open bar.

Day 3

Daytime with different choice of activities: outdoor program,

Spa, cultural visits

Helicopter flight above carpathians, countrylife adventure: meeting villagers and sharing their traditions : tasting local plum brandy, going on horsedrawn carriage, weaving…

Lunch and snacks, drinks served according to the activity

End of afternoon , in Hotel or outdoor with bonfire, GYPSY EVENING: violins and dances non-stop, with dinner and open bar.

Day 4

Return flight  to Bucharest Depending on international flight schedule, Lunch in town  and transfer airport.