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MCTransylvania is a Destination Management Company created by Jean Michel Corbet and Adriana Constantin, initially specialized in Romania and Republic of Moldova.
In order to respond to our Clients requests, and thanks to our experience of this region of Europe, we also organize tours and programs in neighbouring countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine.
We work in priority with Tour Operators, Travel agents, and Companies. Nevertheless , for individuals, we also have some tours they will find on this page.
We have a wide range of programs, very original and sometimes exclusive, and we tend to be often imitated! When sending us a request, you can be sure you’ll receive a swift answer. Tailor-made programs and itineraries at reasonable prices, with the same correspondent to process your file.


My wife and I want to tell you both how much we liked your trip to Romania, it was for me much more interesting and educational than most previous trips to western Europe. Seems that the interesting and rewarding things never ended. They included the splendidly painted Romanian Orthodox churches with their many biblical scenes; the contrasts between the elegant French architecture of the main city buildings and their picturesque squares and the peasant culture of the farm villages with horse drawn carts and hand hoed fields; the gypsy culture with their exotic costumes and, in several cases, very exotic architecture.

Our driver and guide, Anca Corneliu, was most considerate, helpful and informative, one of our best ever. We met his boss the owner of the local travel company and he and Anca took us to a gypsy village and we had an interesting visit in one family’s home. On our last day the owner volunteered to have Anca drive us west of Bucharest to a village of Gypsy “millionaires” who seem to be in com[etition with each other for the most intensely decorated and costly home. I believe that this was the village or similar to what I had seen in the National Geographic some years ago and was the other reason for my interest in going to Romania.

The hotels were all up to standard for a group travel and ATMs were everywhere in the cities each day (4 to 5 within a block from each hotel). We think your information about money and hotels is misleading. We needed no dollars. A special thank you for the upgrade to the Bucharest Hilton and to the guide and his boss for the extra trip to the Gypsy “millionaires”.

From Mir Corp.com (USA) clients